Consultant in Psychiatry

Applications are invited for the post of Consultant in Psychiatry (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Adult Community Psychiatry).


Hours: 10 PAs (subject to negotiation of an agreed job plan)
Salary: £76,001 to £102,465 dependent on seniority
Location: Plymouth (but travel will be required)
Reports to: Medical Director and Deputy Locality Manager


The work of the postholder will be to support the multi-disciplinary team by providing psychiatric assessments and treatments but also case consultation and supervision to other members of the team and containment of risk.  This is a community-based post with a central base in Plymouth. The way the team is organised currently referrals are accepted according to specified referral criteria and after triage assessment by team members. They are then allocated for specific modality work.


It is expected that there will be between two and five new assessments per week and between 10 and 20 follow up appointments per week depending on complexity.  A rule of thumb for doctors in the department is five patients per day or three per half day.  The follow up work may include family meetings, network meetings. The more complex cases will be jointly held with a case manager.


This will normally equate to a caseload of between 50-100 patients to manage, depending on whether these are medication reviews or cases held jointly with the team.  The caseload will largely comprise the more complex end of the spectrum of adolescents with mental disorders. There is a separate team for neurodevelopmental disorders and severe learning disabilities (SLD).




The post holder will be encouraged to participate in research. Mental health research is within the portfolio of interests at Plymouth University.


Additional information

Although the employer is not an NHS organisation, an equivalent contract of conditions, benefits and regulations is provided, mirroring the national consultant contract as closely as possible.


The post holder will be offered the option of a full-time or part-time contract.  Candidates who are unable for personal reasons to work whole time are also eligible to be considered.  Modification of the job plan would be subject to discussion on a personal basis.



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